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"The Elements is an ideal solution." --Sound On Sound

5 Star

"The Elements is an interesting, ear-bending, evocative, and well-produced library that’s squarely aimed at composers who write music for TV and film. In fact, many of the instruments ooze emotion and mood. " Keyboard Magazine (June 2008)

"The Elements is a huge library of fresh, current sounds that would be right at home in any contemporary scoring project or song. It’s one of those collections that you can play around with for hours and hours without getting bored —it’s constantly inspiring new ideas. " Virtual Instrument Magazine (May 2008)

"Verdict – A highly professional production library crammed with just about every conceivable sound needed for – but not limited to – modern-day electronic media projects." Music Tech Magazine (February 2008)

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"The Elements is an awesome one-stop production resource..." Remix Magazine

"The Elements is my secret weapon of go-to instruments when I need creative, interesting and easily-tweakable sounds.  They sit perfectly in the mix and add just the right amount of drama to my compositions." Jason Graves (Renowned award winning game composer)

"This library is flat out fun to play with and to listen. It’s fantastically useable too which is ultimately the bottom line for anyone in the market to buy a sample library to augment their audio productions. Sounds on “The Elements” inspire and invite your creative senses to explore and play. It’s kind of like hanging out with a good, knowledgeable friend with a ton of synths, samples, and effects - just patching away and concocting the most twisted noises you can muster. I always remind myself of the limitations of tools (gear, software) versus the limitations of the mind. How very fortunate to have a product that speaks to both!" Music4Games.net

"One word...AWESOME! The interface is incredibly intuitive. You can instantly tweak sounds to achieve exactly what your score requires. This is an amazing tool for any genre or medium. The sound design is not only inspiring but incredibly viable in any application." David Lawrence ("American Pie" , "High School Musical" , "Cane" , "Jericho")

"I had fun tweaking and using some ambient sounds from Elements in a recent episode of CSI:NY.. The filters on the interface came in very handy, and I especially enjoyed the movement and detail in these new sounds. They worked easily in the context of the scene I was working on which is what I hope for in a library like this. I'm looking forward to exploring Elements more now.. thanks again SampleLogic!" Bill Brown (sole composer of CSI: New York, movies include Ali, Finding Forrester, and Any Given Sunday, as well as for the Quake, Wolfenstein, Command & Conquer and Tom Clancy's game franchises.)

"Elements can kickstart a project instantly with a huge selection of sounds neatly tucked into categories that inspire musical storylines" Steve Tavaglione(worked on various films and television shows, including Bridge to Terabithia, Smokin’ Aces and CSI: NY)



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