What the pros say
Charlie Clouser

Arpology is yet another great library from Sample Logic, and it’s got the deepest arpeggiator I’ve ever seen in a Kontakt instrument.  For modern film and tv scoring, it really covers a lot of ground – from quiet hypnotic stuff to intense propulsive rhythms, from simple pulses to complex, crazy patterns.  Instantly inspiring and extremely customizable… Highly recommended.

John Debney

Arpology is incredible. I’m always on the hunt for new tools for sound creation. Arpology takes sampling to the next level.   This isn’t just some step sequencer or arpeggiator, it’s a whole rethinking of what can be done with synth/sampling arpeggiation and programming.  All while still being musical and easy to use.  It has endless possibilities to take their phenomenal patches and create something all your own and not waste a lot of time doing so.

Steve Jablonsky

What I really love about Arpology is the interface. Their Step Animator is one of the cleanest and most fun to use arp creation tools I have ever seen. The tweak-ability is crazy, it’s almost too fun, I need to get work done I can’t be playing with Arpology all day! Thank you Sample Logic for creating yet another amazing music creation tool.