“To blur the line between music and sound design”

Sample Logic is an award-winning North Carolina based company dedicated to fresh and innovative technologies in the field of sampling and virtual instrument design. Established 2006 in Brooklyn, New York, Sample Logic’s mission is to develop cutting-edge digital tools for composers, musicians, producers, sound designers, and DJs of all music styles and genres that focus on blurring the line between music and sound design.

Sample Logic has been prolific in product design and development, engineering products (powered by Native Instruments Kontakt engine) that continually incorporate new and creative ways to enhance the user experience when producing and performing with sample libraries and virtual instruments. Their advancement in the Kontakt Scripting language has pushed them to the forefront of the industry, with technologies such as their multicore audio engine, Step & FX Animators and X/Y core mixer designs. It is with innovation such as these and their focus on blurring the line between music and sound design that set their virtual instruments apart from the rest. For their hard work and dedication to innovation, Sample Logic has humbly received numerous industry awards, including the highly lauded Editor’s Choice award from Electronic Musician Magazine.

Sample Logic continues to advance the industry, building a bridge to the future through the exploration of uniquely creative tools for the composer’s tool box. From banging dumpsters at midnight and destroying pianos in a field to studio recording sessions of rich and lush world instruments, their goal is to take organic sounds and sculpt them into never-before-heard sounds and instruments. These sounds coupled with their progressive user interfaces gives Sample Logic users the ability to morph and tweak sounds easily and in real time with a host of extremely powerful and intuitive user interface controls.

“Virtual Instruments that set our company and customers apart from the rest.”

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