By purchasing our libraries you are purchasing a license to freely use the instruments and sounds in any way shape or form, provided you meet the few limiting terms in our license agreement. For more information, please review our License Agreement.
  • Kontakt Player is a free sampler plugin, which will load any of our Kontakt Player products, but will not load Kontakt exclusive products.
  • Kontakt is Native instruments’ exclusive retail software sampler, which will load all Kontakt products. This includes both Kontakt player products and Kontakt retail products such as Waterharp, and Trypack, which do not work in the free Kontakt player. The retail version of kontakt also gives users the added benefit of unlocking the instrument to “go under the hood” and tweak, which Kontakt Player users cannot do.
No, they do not.

Both Acoustix and Metalix require that you own a retail copy of Ableton Live 8 or higher.

Navigate to the library’s  – /Samples/Move contents to Kontakt pictures folder and select all the files in that folder and transfer them to:

For PC
C://Program Files/Common Files/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/pictures

For Mac
/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/pictures

Finally, relaunch Kontakt and load up a multi, it should load now with proper GUI.

Your account is locked because you have reached your maximum authorization limit for your Sample Logic sample library.  This can be due to multiple reasons. As defined in our license agreement, you are limited to 2 machine authorizations and if you wish to have more than 2 computers authorized, an additional license must be purchased. http://www.samplelogic.com/contact

If you have replaced an old machine or reformatted your current machine, your account may be locked. In order for us to resolve this particular issue, please do the following:

1) Login to Service Center on the registered computer(s) that you wish to keep the authorization active.

2) Navigate to the overview tab.

3) Click the down arrow on “Show Details” for all Sample Logic products that are in question.

4) Copy the system ID(s) and Activation Key(s) for the active computer(s) you wish to continue using our products on.

5) Reply back to this e-mail address and paste the system ID, Activation Key and Serial Number information and send it to us via email at support@samplelogic.com

Once we receive your response, we will de-authorize any additional computers we have on record that are not in use. This will unlock your account.

Yes! Each product contains completely original sample content.
This is by Native Instruments’ design. To get around this, change the speed of the Arp to a faster time value.
Try the following:

  • Reduce the number of voices in each instrument on the instrument interface.
  • Purge unused samples for instruments.
  • Set the Kontakt CPU overload protection to “relaxed” or “medium” etc., and/or set the appropriate multiprocessor settings from the Engine settings tab under Kontakt’s Options menu.
  • Adjust the latency slider under Audio settings tab from Kontakt’s Options menu.
  • If you have more than 2GB of RAM, experiment with the KMS – Kontakt Memory Server settings from the Memory tab under Kontakt’s Options menu.
Glad you asked. We spend many nights without sleep going through the Urban Dictionary, Star Trek Dictionary, Wikipedia, and countless other sources of information to find just the right name for each instrument we design.
Yes, we offer a 10% student and faculty discount, and also offer great discounts to companies interested in licensing multiple copies of a product. Please contact us for more details.
Make sure you are using Native Access to activate. Service Center is no longer supported.
Under Kontakt’s options tab, navigate to the Libraries section and tick the box for your missing library.
Kontakt 5.7 has renamed the tab to “Manage Library”
If there is no serial number included, then you purchased a full Kontakt (non-player) version library that does not require activation. Simply load the .nki instruments through the Kontakt file browser or directly from the downloaded instruments folder.


Make sure all virus managers and firewalls are disabled before downloading (some can silently block download and extraction).
First try check all virus managers and firewall. If that doesn’t work, then:
go to the settings (gear icon upper-right) and choose “Download Only”, then hit Download again in Connect. When it’s finished downloading, go back into settings and change to “Download & Install”, then exit the settings and whilst holding down the shift key press the red Reset button and choose the same folder as previous (it will pick up the files and install them).
Pause the download, move all the downloaded archive files to your new location, then hold down the shift key and press the red Reset button (choose the new location so it can pick up the files).
Pause the download, then hold down the shift key and press the red Reset button. Choose the target location, it will start again.
Firstly try solution 2 & 3 above. If it still hangs, or crashes, please move archive files and execute a Shift Reset to a different location (best location is Desktop or Home folder for this solution).
Make sure Connect finishes installing, before trying in Kontakt. Connect should say Downloaded & Installed 100%. You will need to execute a shift Reset and make sure it takes you to the extracted folder when completed.
Check that you haven’t run out of disk space on your drive. Sometimes Connect can’t tell.
Connect should be able to fix this automatically by redownloading it when it hits the problem during extraction, but if your network keeps disconnecting, Connect could have to redownload a file a few times before it gets it correctly.


By purchasing a copy of any Sample Logic product, purchaser acknowledges that they have read and understand the Sample Logic End User License Agreement (EULA) and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.


All of the sounds included in Sample Logic products are created and owned by Sample Logic LLC. By purchasing a copy of Sample Logic products, the original purchaser/registered owner is granted a single user lifetime license for two (2) computer authorizations.* Therefore, licensee is authorized to freely use the enclosed sounds for any commercial purpose provided the following conditions are met:

(1) Product licenses are non-transferable. Sample Logic LLC strictly forbids the resale, relicensing, or any other distribution of any Sample Logic product, samples, scripts and software,.

(2) Licensee may not assign, transfer, lease, rent, resell, share, or upload/download to or from any database server any part of the product, scripts, samples and software..

(3) This license expressly forbids any inclusion of content contained within any Sample Logic product into any other virtual instrument or library of any kind. This includes, but not limited to, re-sampling, mixing, processing, isolating, or embedding into software or hardware for the purpose of re-recording or reproduction as part of any free or commercial sample library, sound effects catalog, software, or virtual instrument.


The product and accompanying documentation, is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties. Sample Logic retains full ownership and copyrights of all recorded sounds, scripting, graphics, logos, themes, titles, names, technologies, musical performances, and documentation included in this product. Any unauthorized use, distribution or reproduction of the product is prohibited and shall constitute a violation of law and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


All Sample Logic products are sold “as is” with no warranty or refund privileges, unless the product is proven defective. If a product is defective, the end user must contact Sample Logic LLC within 30 days after the time of purchase with defective claim to receive. No money will be refunded, however a new copy of the product will be sent to replace any defective product. Download, ISP, or installation problems, do not constitute a defective product, nor general tech support issues ,such as, but not limited to CPU/Disk handling, hard drive speeds, and networks Sample Logic LLC maintains no responsibility for material that does not properly translate to formats not originally programmed in, offered in, intended for, or systems that do not meet the minimum published system requirements. In addition, technical issues relating to Native Instruments Kontakt or Service Center do not meet defective requirements and should be directed to Native Instruments Support.


This license agreement is effective from the moment the product is installed. The license will be terminated if any of the terms and conditions of this EULA are broken and license will be revoked. Upon termination licensee agrees to destroy all copies and contents of the and will remain accountable to all terms and copyrights stated in this EULA. Sample Logic retains the right to seek restitution for any and all damages incurred by violations of the EULA at the expense of licensee.

*To purchase additional licenses, contact orders@samplelogic.com.