Cinematic Guitars: Epic Scoring Kontakt Libraries For Music Composers

For music creators looking for high quality Cinematic Kontakt Libraries, the Cinematic Guitars series stands unparalleled. This collection offers an extensive selection of sounds, merging the timbre guitars with the edge of cinematic sound. Designed for composers, sound designers, and music producers aiming to push traditional boundaries. Within this guitar series, you’ll find a mix […]
What is Phase in Synthesizers

Audio Basics – What is Phase in Synthesizers? Phase Explained

With the advancement of VST Plugins and audio tech more and more controls are appearing within the Synths. Some of the most important elements of a Synthesizer are Oscillators, Volume Envelops, Filters, Modulation Envelopes, Pitch, Effects, and Phase. Although producers are familiar with most of these terms; Phase is something that often confuses them. What […]
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