• 31 Kontakt construction kit Instruments & 1,000 individually mapped chromatic sample presets
  • 2GB Sample Content
  • 1,000 audio files in .wav format @96k/24-bit for direct use without Kontakt
  • MIDI controllable user interface to morph, tweak, and favorite sounds
  • Sample Stretch Mode for remapping individual samples chromatically
  • Lifetime user license to use the sounds on any production

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Buckle up, because TRAILER XPRESSIONS 4 is here to redefine your sound design toolkit. The latest in Sample Logic’s barnstorming TRAILER XPRESSIONS series, this time we’re uncorking audio mayhem with a new sonic supernova. These powerful sound design elements go way beyond the norm delivering futuristic sci-fi atmospheres and glitches, to the deepest hits and booms. Epic transitions, whooshes and impacts will bring your listeners to their knees. And forget clunky interfaces – TX4’s streamlined cockpit lets you craft perfect cues faster than ever before. Whether you’re scoring a blockbuster trailer or a hybrid score, TX4 has the right tools to make your cinematic vision roar.


Eclipsing simple sample playing, the workflow of TX4 is more like sonic sculpting, ready to be molded into anything your imagination conjures. REVERSE reality with a click of a button, applied to all samples or just your preferred selection. Familiar sounds can be twisted into extraterrestrial timbres, and all samples are just begging to be transformed into evolving ambiences with STRETCH. Just crank the bespoke REVERB and CONVOLUTION models to inject extra special spaciousness, painting the air with razor-sharp zings or unleashing earth-shaking tremors. But it’s not just about brute force… Sculpt every nuance with the precision of a sound design master. Breathe life into each sound with full ADSR control, rising from hushed anticipation to a soul-shredding roar. Tweak, twist, and bend with the power of automated EQ filters, your sounds morphing into pulsating landscapes or slow hypnotic journeys. ENERGIZE and POLISH per-sound to saturate and emphasize your earth-shattering audio.

Crafting The Sound


Gone are the days of wrestling with raw trailer sounds, editing and tweaking in your DAW before any real music-making can begin. TRAILER XPRESSIONS 4 merges a triple-A sound library with a dynamic virtual instrument for a seamless creative experience. Forget per-use licensing fees and royalty chains, as TX4 grants lifetime ownership, unleashing an arsenal of powerful audio for your unrestricted use. This isn’t just a toolbox of trailer goodies, it’s a playground for sonic architects. TX4 offers meticulously crafted construction kits, their interfaces pulsating with morphing and sculpting possibilities, yet also gives you immediate access to the raw audio powering each instrument. Dive into the unlocked .wav files, import them directly into your DAW, and harness their untamed potential. TX4 empowers you to sculpt cinematic soundscapes with pinpoint precision, so the name of each sound is conveniently displayed within the interface for effortless navigation back to the original source audio file.

The User Interface


No menu mazes, no cryptic controls. TRAILER XPRESSIONS 4 fluently speaks the language of trailer composing with intelligent design and knobs where they should be. Developed for Kontakt, it’s your custom instrument with the most important parameters at your fingertips. These controls include:

  • Reverse Mode to instantly play each sample in reverse
  • Master hi-cut and lo-cut filters with LFO modulators to easily shape and morph the sounds
  • Customizable ADSR knobs to adjust the gain envelope over time
  • Stretch Mode to access 1,000 single sample instruments by instantly reassigning any sample to span the entire key range
  • Global and Independent Performance Modes for user interface parameters
  • Energizer and Polisher multiprocessor effects for dynamic and dramatic sound shaping
  • Sample waveform view that displays the sample being triggered
  • Adjustable sample start slider to adjust the start point of sample playback
  • Pitch slider that can transpose up/down 1 octave
  • Delay module with presets
  • Convolution module with over 25 different convolution reverbs
  • Favorite sound function to recall a sound every time a new instance is loaded


  • TX4 – Anomalies.nki
  • TX4 – Booms.nki
  • TX4 – Classic Whooshes.nki
  • TX4 – Complex Stingers.nki
  • TX4 – Destructions.nki
  • TX4 – Fast Whooshes.nki
  • TX4 – Finishers.nki
  • TX4 – Foley Whooshes.nki
  • TX4 – Glitches.nki
  • TX4 – Low Hits.nki
  • TX4 – Massive Whooshes.nki
  • TX4 – Metal Hits.nki
  • TX4 – Metallic Transitions.nki
  • TX4 – Morphed Metals.nki
  • TX4 – Noises.nki
  • TX4 – Organic Atmospheres.nki
  • TX4 – Organic Whooshes.nki
  • TX4 – Power Downs.nki
  • TX4 – Punchy Hits.nki
  • TX4 – Robotics.nki
  • TX4 – Sci-Fi Hits.nki
  • TX4 – Sci-Fi Transitions.nki
  • TX4 – Stuttered Impacts.nki
  • TX4 – Stuttered Transitions.nki
  • TX4 – Subsonic Whooshes.nki
  • TX4 – Suckbacks.nki
  • TX4 – Tonal Atmospheres.nki
  • TX4 – Tonal Hits.nki
  • TX4 – Transients.nki
  • TX4 – Warped Wooshes.nki
  • TX4 – Witchcrafts.nki
  • TX4 – Vocal Melodies.nki

Technical Specifications

TRAILER XPRESSIONS 4 includes 31 multi-sample instruments, 1,000 individual sample presets, resulting in a 2.08 GB sample library. All samples are delivered at 96kHz/24-bit.


  • Full paid version of Kontakt, version 6.7.1 or higher. Will not work in the free Kontakt Player!
  • Mac OS 10.14, or higher, i5, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
  • Windows 10, or higher, Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
  • 2.08 GB free disk space for TRAILER XPRESSIONS 4 sample content

COMPATIBILITY (64-bit only)

  • Stand-alone
  • VST
  • (AU) Audio Units
  • AAX
“TX4’s collection of crisp and powerful sound design elements is ideal for adding layers of polish and energy to a track. The efficient interface has everything needed to shape the sounds with ease.”

Ramin Djawadi

“TX4 is a great addition to the TX series, providing a fresh set of well-organized instrument menus with a large variety of trailer-friendly material, with categories I haven’t seen in other libraries.”

Tom Salta

Jeff Rona
“This is the best of the best when it comes to the unique musical language of trailers, or any score that needs real impact. This is true ear candy with devastating sonic energy.”

Jeff Rona


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