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The X update can be purchased as a direct download for $60, which will update you to the latest interface and controls expanding all of your current instruments, as well as unlocking an additional 450 instruments and Multis. UPDATE NOW »

Synergy Expands to the Power of X!

Weighing in at over 20 Gigabytes, the newly expanded Synergy X pushes the envelope far beyond today’s standard of music and sound design. This breathtaking collection of over 1600 innovative instruments, tempo-synced loops, and jaw-dropping multis delivers the next generation of diverse cinematic sampling with a user interface designed to inspire. Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player engine, Synergy X utilizes extended sample synthesis and effectual techniques to provide you incredibly interactive, and ready-to-perfom instruments. With X´s powerfully intuitive sound sculpting interface, enhanced control is in your hands. Simply put, all instruments can be modified, redesigned, and customized to your preference. This makes Synergy X perfect for any performance and production environment.

Synergy X Trailer

Multis in Action



Instrument Categories »

  • Multis
  • Ambience
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Impacts
  • Melody
  • Pads
  • Rhythms

And it doesn’t stop there…

Synergy X will become a permanent addition to your arsenal. We have gone to great lengths to capture and enhance the purist perception of sound from all over the world. The instruments and multis in X are organized by genre making it easy to dial up the sound you need without having to funnel through thousands of presets. This library is jam-packed with: serene spiritual textures, deep rooted dub basses, Pop & Hip Hop flavored beats, haunting sonic environments, lush emotional tempo-synced pads, mind-blowing explosions, multi-sampled ethnic and tribal instruments, gated angelic voices, electronic arpeggiated synths, bone-chilling sequenced impacts, melodic bells and whistles, adventurous flutes, action and world rhythms, funky leads, gigantic pianos, and mallets from the tropics, just to name a few!

Interface Screenshots

Interface Screenshots

Transform Your World!

Bringing together the past, present and future, Synergy X transforms the original Synergy to a whole new world. Not only does this new release of X deliver fundamental loops, soundscapes, and textures, but it transcends the modern virtual instrument providing timeless ingredients for any music production or performance.

Getting GUI

X’s spectacular user interface was designed with the composer and sound designer in mind, providing effortless control to sculpt each instrument to taste. Using our signature “core-effect sequencer” and multiple LFO options, transforming a static sound into a tempo-sync masterpiece is just one click away. Synergy X also harnesses the power of the “Arpeggigater”, which allows users to design custom gate sequencer patterns with effects simultaneously.  This extremely powerful addition allows for infinite sound-sculpting results.

Press & Awards

Synergy offers loads to tempt modern composers and sound designers, but will particularly appeal to those who routinely need to work to deadlines in plenty of different musical styles…”

–Sound On Sound

An excellent collection of instruments, especially for scoring. Futuristic, atmospheric and rich-sounding – and at a reasonable price.

–Music Tech Magazine

“Synergy offers high bang for buck, but even if it cost hundreds more, it would still be a go-to collection for any serious working composer. Expertly designed sounds will spark your creativity”

–Keyboard Magazine

Awarded SOS 5 Out Of 5 Stars!

Awarded Music Tech Choice Award


Trevor Morris

(Immortals, The Borgias,The Tudors, Bad Boys II, The Pillars of the Earth, The Hills Have Eyes II, The Borgias, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)

“Sample Logic once again has innovated in creating the ultra-cool, cinematic sounding and extremely useful synergy x.
It instantly found a home in my composing palette.”

Jamie Dunlap

Award winning TV composer for the animaited series South Park

“I love Synergy X…It’s a great improvement having more parameters to play with such as the distortion, filtering and flanging toys allowing you to dial it in perfectly to your track. And the new construction kits ?…Freakin’ mind blowing !!”

Mark Isham

Award winning Film and TV composer whose credits are to long to list.

“Synergy specifically, has taken organization to a whole new level. Melodic, Harmonic, Ambience, Impacts, Pads, then further subsets of descriptions…it’s all laid out with subsets of descriptions…”

Brian Transeau – BT

World renowned musician and award winning  film  composer for: Monster, The Fast and Furious,  Go etc…

“These sounds are not only usable they are  incredibly evocative…. an amazing scoring tool.”

Atli Orvarsson

Composer for Babylon AD,Vantage Point, The Simpsons Movie,Pirates Of The Caribbean 3, The Holiday, Stuart Little 3

“I’ve been a fan of SampleLogic’s products in the past. The sounds in Synergy are great: very musical, flawlessly programmed and they lend themselves really well to further sound design exploration with plug-ins. Highly recommended!”

  • Kontakt 5 Player – 5.0.2 or higher (free download) Also runs in the retail version of Kontakt   5.0.2 or higher.
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 (latest update), Intel Core Duo (will not work in OS 10.5 or lower), 2 GB RAM
  • PC: Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), 2GB RAM
  • 20GB of disk space for Synergy X library
  • 20+ GB library (available via direct download only)
  • 1600+ Instruments & Multis
  • VST, AU, DXi, RTAS (Pro Tools 8 and higher), Standalone
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